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Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is a fairly important part of your online presence.

Wanting to give a definition of Web service, it is all those jobs done after the completion of a website construction. The purpose of maintaining a website is both to keep its content informed for the visitors and to monitor the smooth operation of the page from any attacks or suspicious movements.

The work of the maintenance of a website is divided in 3 stages:

web hosting


Checking the proper functioning of a Web page is a work which is not directly visible to visitors of the page. Operations such as: attack checks, code optimizing, page validation and compatibility with international standards of appearance (, correct file and folder right records and upgrading individual parts of the site are some of the of the regular checks.

Adding and Configuring Content

Adding new content not only gives the visitor the feeling that a page is live but also gives enough bonus content to the search engines catalogue. As mentioned above with the content addition we increase both the page keywords and also strengthen the target group of visitors that we want to come to our website.


All websites are hosted on the internet on special machines called Servers. As in our computer, on those machines are cases where something can happen (disk disaster, power failure - loss of data, attack by hackers, etc.). In such cases, a page hosted on the Server will most likely not work. For this reason we always make back ups. This way we can restore the page in its last working functional version with minimal losses.

We can take care your daily backups on the Server, about database and site files we can download them on a local machine at a different location for safety.